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About Us

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Throw yourself back to your school days, where holding a cup of ice cream was the happiest thing that could happen to you all day long. Skipping lessons, beating the bell (and the queue), just to get our hands on that irresistable cone of ice cream – it has all happened to us, didn’t it? Well, to us, a tub of ice cream is more than just a sweetened cup of dessert; it’s where the smiles naturally are, where you broke the ice with your crush, where you shared heartfelt conversations with your friends, where laughter broke around every turn as you exchanged jokes with them.


That is where the heart of our beliefs are at – sharing laughter and joy with what could possibly be the happiest food on earth. Through our fabulous home-made gelato (made with passion and pride, no less!) in our cafe/parlour and our specially-designed classes, we aim to create a more sociable and interactive environment for our ice cream friends.


So come on down, all our sweet-toothed friends, and have a good time reminiscing the old times while enjoying a good, ol’ cup of gelato. Happiness, after all, may come in many shapes and sizes, but what’s better than a few ounces of creaminess in a cone?


Why Choose Us?

Who We Are

Ice Cream Skool is started by 2 young ladies who love to eat ice cream and no doubt ice cream is a dessert that makes people happy. So we thought, why not we create them ourselves and bring this happiness to everyone else.

What We Think

Our beliefs are at – sharing laughter and joy, hence we want to make Ice Cream Skool a place where our customers not only are able to enjoy our hand-crafted ice cream, but also able to bring home pleasant memories with the photo booth set up in our outlet. We also strive to maintain our ice cream quality.

What We Do

Not only are we just an ice cream parlour, we also provide catering services to bring our ice cream down to your place to share the love with everyone at your events. We also do ice cream making workshop for corporate or private events. We cater to those that are interested to experience a fun and exciting ice cream making workshop, and also to companies that are looking at a interactive team-building activities.

Core Values

To provide excellent customer service
Strive for High Quality in our product
Customer Satisfaction is Priority
A cosy place to chillout
Family bonding time
Explore New flavors regularly
Interactive team-building ice cream making

Our Specialization

Fun to Learn


Team Building


Flavor Variety




Cosy & Chill